Composite Decking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: How is Home-Rail's composite decking compared to other composites?
A: Our composite is a mid-range priced composite with high quality features and benefits that offers the best value in the market place.

Q: Does Home-Rail's composite decking fade?
A: It will remain within the same family of colours it is in. However, over time the sun's UV rays will fade any decking.

Q: What is Home-Rail's composite decking made out of?
A: Recycled wood fibres and plastic.

Q: What type of fastener should I use?
A: We recommend Home-Rail's "patented" fastening system.

Q: What do you you use to get rid of stains on my composite decking?
A: It depends on the type of stain, but check the instructions under Care & Maintenance.

Q: Will Home-Rail's composite decking show scratches or gouges from foot traffic or from outdoor furniture being moved on it?
A: All deck surfacres will show evidence of normal wear and tear over time. Gouges should be no problem because Home-Rail's composite decking is a dense product. However, scratches from furniture being dragged across the deck surface cannot be removed but allowing them to weather will bring the colour consistentcy back to a point that will make them less noticable.