Composite Decking

Installation Guide

Composite Decking

Before Installing Home-Rail's composite decking make sure that the wood framework is stable, structurally sound and square. Home-Rail's composite decking is designed to work with a hidden fastening system to control any expansion or contraction. Whether you work in towards the house or start at the house and work outward, make sure that the outer-most edge board is installed parallel to the deck frame.

Cut the deck boards using either a skill or miter saw and layout several rows of deck boards before fastening the boards to the joists. However, in order to have a consistent looking product it is important that you lay the deck boards out in the same directional pattern.

Composite decking, like wood, is often bowed or crowned. Therefore, check to see that every board is installed with the crown up and straight as you secure them to the joists. Each deck board is then to be attached to the joists with Home-Rail's fasteners in the notches that are already grooved out along the side of each board.

To finish off your deck you can router the outside edges to a round over or install our end caps.

Once all of the deck boards are installed, you can sweep the deck surface clean and admire your work.