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Aluminum Deck Railing


Good Morning Kevin,

Our deck is completed and we're very happy with the work you folks did for us.

Firstly, I was most impressed with the way you treated Anita and myself at your office and the prompt emailing of the estimate. Max did a fine job of installing the vinyl and Rinchen could not possibly have done more to ensure the posts and railings were installed securely, straight and plumb! Both young men were a joy to have working on the deck. I can't compliment you enough for having two such fine employees who demonstrated their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Please advise the outstanding amount owing so I can finalize payment!

Jerry & Anita

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Composite Decking


Home-Rail's composite decking is a mixture of wood fibres and recycled plastic to form a decking profile which is a durable and low maintenance decking material and also has a longer lifespan than a traditional wood deck.

Home-Rail's composite decking profile has circular shapes withing the deck boards and because it is a manufactured product each board is straight and aligned. Our composite decking can be worked in the same way as a piece of traditional wood in that its ends can be cut in any shape desired and you can also router the outside edge to do round overs.

The composite deck boards are coloured all the way through as the colour is impregnated into the composite material which tends to make the colour seem very fade-resistant. End caps are also available for any exposed end on the deck surface or on a stair tread. A special fastener and clip system is also available to join and fasten the deck boards together.