Vinyl Decking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: What is Weatherdek?
A: Weatherdek is a single ply PVC membrane for use on deck roof deck surfaces exposed to pedestrian traffic. Unlike conventional deck board products Weatherdek creates a completely waterproof surface that has many advantages.

Q: How long will Weatherdek last?
A: A Weatherdek vinyl deck surface could last up to 15-25 years depending upon the application, exposure and care of the deck.

Q: How do I clean my Weatherdek surface?
A: Cleaning a Weatherdek surface is easy. Using a mild soap solution and warm water, with a stiff bristled boom loosen any dirt on the surface and rinse clean with a garden hose. Tor further information please refer to our "Care and Maintenance" page

Q: Can I shovel Snow off my Weatherdek surface?
A: Yes, using a plastic snow shovel or stiff broom you can easily remove snow from a Weatherdek surface. You can also use salt or deicing compounds on a Weatherdek surface but be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly in the spring to remove all residues from these products.

Q: How much does Weatherdek cost?
A: Typically Weatherdek is priced by the square foot, as an installed product. There are many variables that effect the pricing such as product thickness, or patterns, job size, and specific job details.

Q: Is Weatherdek 'Approved' for roofing Applications?
A: Yes, all Weatherdek Roof Grade products exceed building code requirements for use as a roofing material.

Q: Is Weatherdek slippery when wet?
A: No Weatherdek is engineered and designed to be slip resistant. Although Weatherdek exhibits a slip resistant finish, caution should be taken when walking on a wet Weatherdek surface. Weatherdek will be slippery given the existance of snow, ice or frost.

Q: Is there a Warranty?
A: All Weatherdek vinyl decking is covered by either a 5-15 year limited warranty, depending on the specified product chosen.