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Prior to commencement of your vinyl decking installation please consult your local building code to ensure that you are following the correct installation regulations for your area.

Home-Rail has fully trained installation crews that have completed our intensive training program and are fully qualified to install vinyl decking on your new sundeck of patio surface.

Home-Rail also offers its customers an D-I-Y option for vinyl decking. Which means that you can buy the vinyl decking and all of the required materials from Home-Rail and install it yourself. This would include completing the prepping, flashing, sanding, gluing & welding the vinyl decking seams. Below is a specification checklist to help with your D-I-Y installation.

  • 3/4" inches or 5/8" inches (T+G) "Select Grade Fir" plywood or better to be installed on the deck surface.
  • Do not use - OSB - or pressure treated plywood on the deck surface.
  • Glue plywood with construction adhesive
  • Fasten plywood with screws and set heads flush with the plywood
  • The deck slope should be a minimum of 1" inch over 8 ft away from the structure to provide for proper drainage.
  • Flashing to be installed around the perimeter of the deck
  • Vinyl decking should be installed before the exterior finish up the exterior wall behind the construction paper a minimum of 3-6" inches.
  • Door sills must be set up 3" inches off the deck surface.
  • Stair treads must be clad with plywood.
  • Vinyl decking material seams or overlaps may run parallel or perpendicular to the structural wall of the house.
  • A 1" inch overlap for every seam to be used on the deck surface.
  • For every 100 square feet of vinyl decking you will require approximately 1 gallon of adhesive.

Please see our D-I-Y video for installing vinyl decking under the D-I-Y Installation Videos.